Catalog # Artist Release Year Type Format
AA-000 Dream is Destiny Rough Tracks 2004 EP CDR
AA-001 Defcon 5 Too Raw For Eqs 2005 LP CDR
AA-002 Defcon 5 Booze Bandits Part 1 2005 EP CDR
AA-003 Various Ambient Abstractions Sampler Mixtape 2006 LP CDR
AA-004 Crazy 20 Dust Beats 2007 EP CDR
AA-005 Consul of the Mongrels Rough Tracks 2008 EP CDR
AA-006 Crazy 20 Times of Chaos 2008 EP CDR
AA-007 Lucky Rhymes Audiology 2008 EP Digital
AA-008 Malakai Beats Tapeonesidea 2008 EP Digital
AA-009 Lucky Rhymes Lucky Rhymes x Malakai Beats 2009 EP CDR
AA-010 Malakai Beats 2002-2007 2009 LPX2 Digital
AA-011 Record Breakers J.U.F.R.I. 2010 EP Digital
AA-012 Record Breakers Little Diamonds in The Rough 2010 LP Digital
AA-013 Still DOE Welcome to E.A.R.T.H. 2010 EP Digital
AA-014 Still DOE Bonus Shit 2010 EP Digital
AA-015 Words Babylon Featuring 2010 LP CDR/Digital
AA-016 JxPx E.P. Twizt Tha Singles Up 2011 EP CDR/Digital
AA-017 JxPx E.P. Rugged Pimpin'/Magus The Great 2011 Single Digital
AA-018 Magus The Great Anima Divinus 2011 LP CDR/Digital
AA-019 Magus The Great Scorpio 2011 EP Digital
AA-020 Magus The Great Singles 2011 LP Digital
AA-021 Magus The Great Psychonaut 2011 LP Digital
AA-022 Magus The Great Welcome to Planet X 2011 LP CDR/Digital
AA-023 Malakai Beats Victory Over Dampness Under Fire 2011 LPX2 Digital
AA-024 Malakai Beats Tapeonesidea 2011 LP Digital
AA-025 Malakai Beats Lyrically Challenged/Gracie Dane 2011 Single Digital
AA-026 Record Breakers Sex, Drugs, & Rap N Roll 2011 LP CDR/Digital
AA-027 Record Breakers Is That Record Breakers 2011 EP Digital
AA-028 Record Breakers Cutting Room Floor 2011 EP Digital
AA-029 Record Breakers Misc Record Breakers Tracks 2011 EP Digital
AA-030 Various Audio Terrorism Volume 1 2011 LP CDR/Digital
AA-031 Words Babylon For Lack of Better Words 2011 EP CDR/Digital
AA-032 Words Babylon For Lack of Better Words 2011 LP CDR/Digital
AA-033 Zero Caige The Beginning 2011 EP CDR/Digital
AA-034 Chill Scott Singles, Unreleased, & Features 2012 LP Digital
AA-035 JxPx E.P. Punk Drunk Luv Volume 1 2012 EP Digital
AA-036 JxPx E.P. Punk Drunk Luv Volume 2 2012 EP Digital
AA-037 Little Mountain Peaceful and Quiet 2012 Single Digital
AA-038 Little Mountain Run 2012 Single Digital
AA-039 Maple Systems Road Beautiful Day Summer Mix 2012 Single Digital
AA-040 Maple Systems Road Omega Point 2012 Single Digital
AA-041 Still DOE Chill Mode 2012 LP CDR/Digital
AA-042 The Sideshow InZombiA 2012 LP CDR/Digital
AA-043 The Sideshow Singles 2012 Maxi-Single Digital
AA-044 The Sideshow The Sideshow 2012 EP CDR/Digital
AA-045 Various Audio Terrorism Volume 2 2012 LP CDR/Digital
AA-046 Various Ambient Abstractions Sampler 2012 EP CDR
AA-047 White Recluse Blind 2012 LP CDR/Digital
AA-048 Words Babylon I Probably Should've... 2012 LP CDR/Digital
AA-049 Words Babylon Venus Transit 2012 Single Digital
AA-050 Zero Caige Inferno 2012 EP CDR/Digital
AA-051 JxPx E.P. M.I.L.K./Still Doe & Magus The Great 2013 Single Digital
AA-052 Little Mountain Embrace the Fall/White Recluse 2013 Single Digital
AA-053 Magus The Great Little Black Book Volume 1 2013 LP Digital
AA-054 Malakai Beats Derbyshire DOOM 2013 EP Digital
AA-055 Maple Systems Road Maple Systems Road 2013 EP Digital
AA-056 Still DOE As Greedy As A Pig 2013 LP CDR/Digital
AA-057 JxPx E.P. All I Need/Little Mountain 2014 Single Digital
AA-058 Magus The Great Just Play/Shines Fresh 2014 Single Digital
AA-059 Magus The Great Drivel 2014 LP Digital
AA-060 Malakai Beats 2008-2013 2014 LPX2 Digital
AA-061 White Recluse Wreconciliation 2014 LP CDR/Digital
AA-062 Chill Scott Space Pod 2015 EP Digital
AA-063 Chill Scott Exopolitics 2015 EP Digital
AA-064 Magus The Great Seven Deadly Sins Songs And Demos 2015 LPX2 Digital
AA-065 Magus The Great Audiophage/White Recluse 2015 EP Digital
AA-066 Magus The Great Singles 2014 + 2015 Single Digital
AA-067 Maple Systems Road When Everything Changes 2015 LP Digital
AA-068 Maple Systems Road 222 2015 Single Digital
AA-069 JxPx E.P. Travelin' Song/Little Mountain 2016 Single Digital
AA-070 Malakai Beats Boat Chases 2016 Maxi-Single Digital
AA-071 Maple Systems Road Patterns 2016 EP Digital
AA-072 Magus The Great Stars of The Magi 2017 LP CD
AA-073 JxPx E.P. Punk Drunk Luv 2017 LP Vinyl
AA-074 Little Mountain Patio Jams 2017 EP Digital
AA-075 Ape Corporation Ape Business Years (1998 - 2009) 2017 LP Digital